Alchemilla mollis - Rosaceae


An easy perennial suitable for a lot of locations - on the edge of a border or as groundcover underneath trees. With soft hairy foliage and yellow flowers in summer.


EN: Lady's Mantle, D: Frauenmantel, FR: -, ESP: -, ZH: -

It will flower for a long time and when cut back
it will happily flower again until the frost.

clump-forming perennial loved for its palmate, pale green leaves, toothed and softly hairy, famous for its dew drop effect, yellow-greenish flowers appear from early summer onwards, drought tolerant, excellent ground cover, planted on the edge of the border and cut flower, typical cottage garden plant

Height: 10 - 50cm (4 - 12in)

Will flower again if dead-headed in summer, cut down all foliage after flowering to keep leaves neat and in superb condition for autumn. Once died back in winter remove all dead plant material.

Will self-seed if left. Otherwise easiest is division in spring or autumn. The thick shoots can be divided with a fork or cut into finger-long pieces with secateurs and either directly replanted or potted up. Water well. Planted pieces root easily.

Easily combined with almost anything, Alchemilla mollis makes a perfect plant for the edge of borders

Meaning of plant name:
ALCHEMILLA: from Arabic (al-kimiya), in reference to either its reputed property that dew from its leaves could transmute base metals to gold (alchemy), or to the fringed leaves of some species

MOLLIS: latin, softly hairy

Origin: Europe, Caucasus, Turkey

Growing conditions:
any, very easy to grow, the sunnier the better it flowers

Hardiness: H7 - Hardy in the severest European continental climates (below -20°C)

Pests and Diseases: generally no problems

Other useful information:

It is famous for pretty water droplets sitting on its velvety leaves.

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